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Dear Friend,



People seeking to make money – lots and lots of money – online now have a choice.


They can elect to try and do it the hard way … or they can do it the easy way.


Here’s the hard way:


You devote hours and hours of your time along with huge sums of your own money to create dozens of individual affiliate web sites and then sit back and wait as some produce miniscule profits and others don’t produce anything.


Maybe you’ve already tried the hard way and failed?


If so, I want you to know that failure wasn’t your fault. You were doomed from the start.


With the amount of hard work, time and effort required to sustain a profitable network of affiliate websites it was only a matter of time before you spread yourself too thin or just simply burned out.


And for those of you who decided not to even try to build your own affiliate web sites because you knew that it would simply take too long and cost too much for you to see any profits … you couldn’t have been more right.


Because now, finally, you can get FOR FREE one simple yet powerful website, which will have hundreds of pages and thousands of products and will do all the work of as many individual affiliate sites as you could create!


Plus, your FREE affiliate site is so simple even a complete Internet newbie could use it and it comes already loaded with:


  • Google AdSense …

  • ClickBank digital products …

  • And Amazon physical products that all contain your affiliate code!


  • Plus, you can add your own affiliate links and reviews, too!


Succeeding on the Internet doesn’t come any easier than this.



At Last! You Could Have Your Very Own FREE Affiliate Website That Could Send Hundreds of Dollars

Flooding into Your Bank Account Everyday!


Hello, my name is Cody Moya and when I first came to the US, I didn’t even have a place to sleep. That’s right, I was practically homeless.


I say “practically” because before I came to the US I exchanged emails for a few weeks with total stranger. This stranger had an old beat-up trailer at a trailer park in Florida and though I only knew him by email, he agreed to let me sleep in a tiny spare room in his trailer.


The room was so packed with all kinds of old dusty odds and ends that I could barely squeeze in and find a place to sleep. But sleep there I did.


Eventually, I tried to get my own trailer but I didn’t have anywhere near enough money. After searching extensively, I found a very old trailer for $900, which I could pay $50 a month for but when I went to the trailer park administrator to see where I could park my trailer, he kicked me out because I didn’t have enough money to pay for the site deposit.


So back I went to the tiny, dirty room filled with odds and ends where I had to sleep curled up in a ball because there wasn’t even room enough for me to stretch out my legs.


It’s from this inauspicious beginning – from being almost homeless and not being able to get my own trailer in a trailer park – that I rose to my current status as one of the most successful direct marketers, who’s sold millions of dollars of products.


Here’s what I’m offering:


The Opportunity to Have Your Very Own Content-Filled, SEO-Optimized, Fully-Monetized

Affiliate Web Site – for FREE!


Here’s four ways you could instantly start making money with your new FREE Express Affiliate Site:


  • Earn affiliate commissions of up to 75% through Clickbank (Once you activate your website, you could start getting paid commissions by check twice a month. Just imagine the thrill you could feel two times each month when your check – which could easily contain hundreds or even thousands of dollars – arrives like clockwork in your mailbox!)


  • Earn affiliate commissions from any affiliate programs you like by quickly and easily adding or even reviewing products with your own links!

  • Earn affiliate commissions by selling on your website any of the millions of items that are available through the Amazon.com store!

  • Earn AdSense commissions from Google (you can opt to receive a check once per month or have the money directly deposited into your bank account)

That’s right, this is your chance to get a profitable website (with very little effort) that includes Google AdSense, ClickBank digital products, and Amazon physical products that ALL contain YOUR affiliate code!


And your website is so easy to use even someone who is a complete “Internet Idiot” could profit from it!



With Your New Website, You Would Be Able to Earn Affiliate Profits Around the Clock – Even If

You Have No Internet Experience at All!


Here’s what I’m giving you: I’m giving you the opportunity to "automatically" bring in more money from more affiliate sources!


And your new FREE website will allow you to do it from one convenient and centrally-controlled location. But that’s not even the best part, the best part is the fact that I've taken care of ALL the

pesky, time-consuming details for you.


I've conducted all the necessary research, developed and created a solid working script, and set up an entire online money-generating system, one that could allow you to simply waltz in and begin reaping financial rewards instantly!



Following Are Examples of What Your Express

Affiliate Website Could Look Like:



Following Are Examples of What Your Express

Affiliate Website performance stat look like:

Express Affiliate Website is directly integrated with Google(r) Analytics. Below are screenshots from videos you have in your control panel.


This is Your Chance – Even If You are an Internet Newbie – to Explode Your Affiliate Profits!


Following are scans of some of the actual affiliate checks that I’ve received:


Those are just a few checks. I’ve got hundreds of checks and direct deposits from different affiliate programs but there is no space to post them all here. Keep in mind that those are my checks and that my results are not typical. Typical result is unknown because most people don’t share their bank statements with me.



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This is Your Chance – Even If You are an Internet Newbie – to Explode Your Affiliate Profits!

And Your Profits Aren’t the Only Thing

That Could Soar …


Here’s Even More Benefits of Becoming

One of My FREE Affiliate Website Owners:


  • Everything you need is set up and ready to go – which means you have the ability to start earning income almost IMMEDIATELY (no more time wasted while you hunt down and choose just the "right" products and affiliate programs)!
  • Adding your autoresponder signup form to your FREE site is a breeze - just click a few buttons and then watch your list start growing like crazy!
  • Getting your new FREE website up and running couldn’t be any easier – all you have to do is just fill in your affiliate info, choose a few custom settings, and you're good to go!
  • Each page of your FREE site is SEO-optimized to obtain high search engine rankings and generate highly-qualified search engine traffic!
  • You can customize your FREE site quickly and easily – all it takes to add your own content is a few clicks of your mouse!
  • Your site content is kept fresh – for example, keyword-rich content is randomized so visitors and the search engine spiders don’t see the exact same thing again and again!
  • You can choose a keyword and display only those product listings which contain that keyword to even better target your web site visitors!
  • You get easy to follow, step-by-step instructions that leave nothing to chance – whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you'll know exactly what to do and how to do it!
  • Profit-producing AdSense ads are optimized for color and location to ensure they seamlessly blend onto your web pages!
  • You get maximum earning potential because every single page of your FREE site is automatically coded to display targeted AdSense ads – get your site up and running and then sit back and watch the money flood into your bank account 24/7!
  • Site visitors have convenient and immediate access to both ClickBank and Amazon product listings – they get what they're looking for and YOU generate income when they do - it's definitely a win-win situation!
  • You can choose to have either ClickBank or Amazon listings displayed on your affiliate site homepage or you can even post your own reviews of any products you want with links to any affiliate programs you want – these three options will allow you to satisfy your current customer base as well as attract the exact audience you're looking for!
  • You can set your homepage to display products in a specific and targeted niche or category!
  • You can set both the minimum and maximum price ranges – this allows you to gain even greater control over what product and service listings are displayed on your pages!
  • You can easily create a links page that provides helpful tools and resources and direct viewers to your other websites, or even includes additional affiliate products and services!
  • Quickly and easily incorporate your autoresponder code within your pages – now you can get maximum benefit from ALL your traffic by capturing names and email addresses as well as offering valuable reports and follow-up ecourses!
  • Clickbank listings are optimized based on sales volume, conversion and number of successful affiliates promoting the product – this ensures that the best-selling Clickbank products which produce the most money for affiliates are displayed first in your Clickbank listings … maximizing your earning potential for every visitor to your website!

  • Adding video or audio to your FREE site is so easy a fifth-grader could do it!

  • Also don’t forget how great (and profitable) it will be to be able to post a review of any product you want with a link to any affiliate program you want – that’s right, with this opportunity you will not be limited in any way as to what affiliate programs you can promote on your site!


  • And much, much more!


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In Short: You Get a Fully-Functional & Professional Website That Has Everything You Need to

Make Tons of Money Built Right In!

Here’s the bottom line on this offer:


You should always be on the lookout for new revenue streams and ways to boost your income.

There are countless ways to make money online but, quite frankly, many are just too hard for most people to implement.

Thanks to my FREE Express Affiliate Sites, anyone, whether they have Internet experience or not, can put a site online quickly that generates cash from a variety of sources including Amazon, Clickbank, and AdSense!

That's three of the most popular affiliate programs all on a single site! Getting one of my FREE affiliate websites could make making money EASY!



Here’s What Others Have to Say

About Express Affiliate Sites:




This site is simply an amazing tool for those who want to have a hands-free money making website.

It took me about 10 minutes to set it up! Now all I have to do is start pumping traffic to it.

I will share this with others I know that what to have multiple streams of income without having to do all the tedious html & programming stuff upfront. You have definitely thought of everything! Kudos to you and your team for a job well done! Now I have to go. It's time to market and turn this site into yet another cashflow geyser!

Travis "T-Rob" Robinson

Hi Cody, this is Mike Koenigs from TrafficGeyser.com and the InfomercialToolkit.com. After conducting hundreds of teleseminars, webinars and online surveys, the #1 question most people ask me is "how do I get started in Internet Marketing". Most newbies don't have HTML experience, know how to set up a shopping cart, have a mailing list or know who to trust when they're getting started online. Starting from scratch is really hard. I know - I was there once too and I know you were too. When you showed me your new ExpressAffiliateSite, it looks like you've solved all of these problems. A total newbie can get a site up and running in minutes and actually be generating money in less than a week. I've seen plenty of programs that don't work, but it really looks like you've thought of everything. And if you're a newbie listening to this, Cody really has put together a smart system and he's made it just about impossible to say no to his free signup offer. This is an absolutely brilliant idea, Cody. I wish I would have come up with it first. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Mike Koenigs
TrafficGeyser.com and the InfomercialToolkit.com

Cody my friend, 1st rate idea. So much so, I wish I had thought of it. ;-) As someone who has created hundreds of web businesses, I can tell you that you have a high-quality companion ('2nd income') for those who already have sites selling their own products, as well as those looking for a way to make an income when they don't have a site or product 'of their own'. I honestly see no reason anyone could not make money with these sites - the price is certainly right! Now all you need to do is give them my Free Magnibar Software to give away, and the picture will be complete! ;-)

Joe Clayton Jr.
www.magnibar.com and www.free-software-forever.com

Cody, I am extremely impressed with Expree Affiliate's desire to have me become successful! One of the biggest setbacks is having my own website and Express does that at no charge in the beginning which allows me the ability to earn some income in order to pay for future charges. Thanks Express for all your help!

Jackie DelleGrazie

I have been working for two years to learn everything already included with this great site. Needless to say I am not through learning. I think I still have two years of more study but I'm taking a break. You should, too. As soon as I saw this I knew I had found gold. I have reviewed thousands of web offers to make money on the internet and this is the most inclusive program available I have seen so far. Thanks Cody for all your hard work to put this together. I haven't been able to do it. Now I'm set to go to work and make some money.

John S. Rogers

Cody, I must say that I was totally suprised what a Great Opportunity your New Express Affiliate website is and how easy the Control Panel in the User Admin Area is to navigate. I can see this Opportunity Exploding my income to the next Level. Thank you so much for giving Even Beginners this Great Opportunity.

Harry Taylor


I can't explain enough what an opportune time it was for me to discover Cody; In addition to being new to this market, I had already spent over 100 hours trying to put together my own products page and just when I was getting ready to jump of a bridge, I found Cody.... All was accomplished in ten minutes. THANX!!!

Joshua D Hopkins

ExpressAffiliateSite.com This is great! You made this so easy to do. I can't wait to get started. Just remarkable.

Patricia Barber

Hi Cody, Sixto here I got your free website and set it up. The process was pretty easy. I have had problems in the past getting any of this done and if I can do it you better know anyone can. It was so easy I amazed myself if getting it done. Thanks for making it easy and affordable.

Sixto Salas

Hey Cody,

I was blown away by your new Express Affiliate Website. This is probably the greatest money making product I have ever seen. It includes everything a person needs to run a money pumping Internet business. You've even included a professional looking website and even taken care of the hosting. For anyone wanting to start generating some serious cash needs to get this program today. I believe it will turn even newbie's into successful Internet marketers. And, I love the price...it's FREE!! Cody, I think you've hit a home run with this one. Keep up the good work.

John Terry

Hi Cody, This is Miklos Kovacs from Hungary. Your Express Affiliate Site is one of the best solution for internet marketing newbies. It was very easy to setup my own money making website. The control panel is very simple to use. Just keep on developing and we all will make nice recurring income in the near future with the Express Affiliate Site. I will post one article to my Internet Marketing Blog to share this great opportunity with my subscribers. I can only say thanks and another thanks!

Miklos Kovacs

Cody, it's no secret that of the thousands of JV partners I've worked with on hundreds of product launches over the years, you've been a Top threat to run away with the Grand Prize, every time ... So it's a no brainer that a Master of Affiliate Marketing like you is going to know just what features Affiliate Marketers want and need in an automated system ... enter ExpressAffiliateSite.Com. Cody, my boy ... I think you've got it. ;)

Mike Merz
www.JVNotifyPro.com and www.JVListPro.Com

Hi Cody, I am so excited about this new affiliate site you put together. Your system should help anyone who uses it create instant income... Your systems are all ways worth ten times what you charge. Express Affiliate Site is a great way for anyone to start their very own money generating internet business.

Costa Dedes

"Affiliate Marketing is one of the most ideal ways in making a comfortable living online. But there are barriers and steep learning curves involved before one can finally make his or her first buck online. "Cody has done a terrific job on making it easier (finally!) for just about anyone to start making money online in the shoes of an affiliate marketer without the need for deep pockets! "Way to go, Cody!"

Edmund Loh


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So What Are You Waiting For?


Get Your FREE Express Affiliate Website Today!


Order today and your personal affiliate web site is FREE!


In addition, your site will be remotely hosted on our servers so you won't have to worry about finding a suitable web host.


You pay $0.00 Today for web hosting … and then after 7 days you pay just $4.95 per month for the web hosting service plus one time setup.


You can’t beat this deal!


Try to build your own affiliate site online and by the time you hire a professional web designer, hire a professional copywriter, hire an SEO expert and hire a programmer, you could easily spend over $3,500!


But here you’re getting your very own professional-looking, highly-effective affiliate site for FREE!


Now, let me just say here, before I go any further, you’ll find a lot of affiliate website providers out there offering to give you a domain name as part of their “package” – but do you know how dangerous this “benefit” can be?


Many hosting companies and website creators end up trying to keep your domain name hostage as a way to make you continue to do business with them.


You could even end up losing your domain name. That’s right, many times people wake up one morning and their domain – and website - is gone! Completely vanished. How can this happen? Because the individual wasn’t listed as the registrant of the domain name – a third party was. To help prevent this from happening to you, you need to be the registrant for your domain name – like you will be when you get your FREE Express Affiliate Website.


With us, you get your own domain name or use a current domain name you already have and just “point” that domain name to our server!


This Deal Sounds Too Good to Be True,

There Must Be a Catch …


There is no catch, I assure you it is all true! But I feel like I should warn you that while setup of your FREE affiliate site is almost instantaneous, you must still point your domain name to our server.


Since I do not control when you point your domain name and how long it will take for your domain registrar to point your domain to our server, I cannot say for sure when you will have your site up and running and earning affiliate profits.


Pointing your domain name is simply beyond my control – but it is in your control!


Usually it takes about 24 hours for a registrar to point a domain name but sometimes it may take longer.


Also, I should point out that high search engine rankings simply don’t occur overnight. It’s been our experience that you could begin to see a traffic increase 2 to 3 months after you create a site.

As a result, this incredible offer may not be for everyone. You need to have patience and be prepared to wait two to three months to see results from search engine traffic.


But you can start immediately to profit from other sources of Internet traffic like social networking, PPC traffic, referral traffic, forum signature traffic, thank you page traffic, offline to online traffic, advertisement traffic, classified ad traffic and most other ways of redirecting live people to your website!


You should also know that I do not condone get-rich quick schemes. If you read at any other website that you can get search engine traffic overnight, it is simply not true.

Increasing your Search Engine rankings is a long-term strategy and you could see growing cash streams over time but you need to be prepared to wait.

So let me repeat, to profit from Search Engine Traffic you must be prepared for the long haul … but while you wait and build this income stream you can also use other instant traffic sources to start making money almost immediately after your site is up!


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It’s Time to Get the FREE Website You Need to Send Your Online Earnings SKYROCKETING!


Activite Your Affiliate Website Today & You Will Also Receive the Following Bonus Gifts FREE!


1. The How to Become an Affiliate Marketing Master Book (a
    $97 value)

This is a step-by-step guide that will open your eyes to the real world of affiliate marketing! You will discover exactly what techniques work and what ones don't. Take a look at just some of what you'll discover and how you'll benefit:


  • Why attitude is paramount for your success
  • How to set your goals and create personal mission statements - these are essential and you will soon see why.
  • Knowledge is power - discover why it is so important to know your potential market
  • The tools you will need to be successful - many of these will surprise you
  • What a qualified prospect is and how relationship marketing is vital to your success
  • Understanding the lifecycle of your customers - this is something you definitely won't want to miss
  • Blogging and affiliate marketing - what type of blog works best.  You'll be surprised at what you'll discover here
  • The key to successful article marketing
  • Lead generation and affiliate marketing - what have these two got in common?  You'll be very surprised
  • How to use e-mail marketing for your affiliate campaigns - this section also includes how to write your e-mails so that they will be opened and how to avoid the spam checkers
  • And much, much more!


2. The How to Become a Pay Per Click Marketing Master Book
     (a $97 value)

Whether you've been posting ads for years or don't even know what pay per click advertising is, "How To Become a Pay Per Click Marketing Master" is your complete guide to profiting with pay per click ads. You'll learn:


  • What pay per click advertising is and how it works!
  • How to select the right keywords that rake in profits, and avoid those that eat up your cash!
  • Where to place your pay per click ads, and how to choose the best program for max profits!
  • How to write pay per click ads that bury the competition and stuff your pockets with cash!
  • Ad writing tips to make sure you crank out winner after winner.
  • How to take your pay per click campaign from any level to complete market domination!
  • Pay per click advertising worksheet to evaluate the progress and success of your marketing.
  • The tools to use that will boost your results and take your pay per click advertising to the top!
  • How to use affiliates to let others help you do the work and build YOUR profits!
  • And so much more!



So What ARE You Waiting For?


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Warning: Because of server capacity limitations I can only give away limited number of Affiliate Websites. I may close this offer at any time. Make sure to activate it now.




To Your Success

Cody Moya



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